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The website was founded in 2012 by Jason Richardson and has since gone on to attract millions of readers over the years, who’ve been captivated by some of our breaking stories.

We’ve been featured on some of the biggest online news firms, which include Bossip, NyMag, Celebs.Gather and Celeb Dirty Laundry, to name a few.

Every now and then, our writers enjoy covering the stories that tabloids are reporting, and while they are often known to be bogus, they do make for a good read (and several laughs!).

Overall, the site’s purpose is to inform our growing number of readers with the latest up-to-date news in pop culture, all the music you should be checking out, and recap on the TV shows you didn’t have time to watch last night.

Our writers range from all over the world, including Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Toronto, meaning that whenever a story is brewing in those areas, we are most likely the first that’s going to be covering it.

All of our writers who produce content for this news outlet have a passion for writing news and know how to turn a story into a trending topic.

It should also be noted that every writer has the freedom to cover the story in their own manner, hence why every author has their own credits to their name. If one of our writers dares to diss Queen Bey, let your anger out on them, not on us! 😉

Our goal is to continue growing throughout the years to come, in which we see ourselves expanding our website to a wider audience, more writers to join the team, and much more fun-filled content for you to read and enjoy.

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