5 Extremely Delicious Summer Dips for Snacking


What’s better than breaking out some fun snack recipes for all your summer time meets ups? Whether you’re grilling, throwing a party, or having an office potluck there’s always an opportunity to conjure up a delicious snack. Be the talk of the town with these flavorful, fun and easy summer dips!

5. Pineapple Salsa

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This refreshing fruity salsa pairs great with grilled chicken, fish, or your favorite tortilla chips. All it requires is some fresh pineapple, limes, onion, tomatoes, and your favorite seasonings. Spice it up by adding red pepper flakes for a tropical kick. Enjoy this delicious treat as a poolside snack or barbecue appetizer.

4. Cowboy Caviar

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Not your typical caviar dip, this bean-filled snack is full of healthy fresh ingredients and packed with protein. Cowboy Caviar is naturally vegan and gluten and makes a great dip or salad topper. Add this to your spread of snacks for your next gathering and watch how fast it disappears!

3. Key Lime Pie Dip

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Delight in this fruity yet refreshingly sweet Key Lime Pie Dip. This dip adds a nice contrast to our typically savory dips but revitalizes the palette on a hot summer day. Simply whip up some lime, milk, lemon pudding mix, and Edwards key lime pie. This dip pairs nicely with graham crackers, vanilla wafers, or any of your favorite snackable cookies!

2. Wedge Salad Dip

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Get fancy with this cheesy dip and all its bacony goodness! This dip is perfect for game day, so be sure to add this to your game day spread. It pairs well with pita chips, tortilla chips, or traditional kettle cooked potato chips.

1. BBQ Chicken Dip

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Switch it up with this warm and savory dip, filled with tangy BBQ chicken, beans, and gooey pepper jack cheese. This dip will also be a hit on game day, at a barbecue, or even as a yummy lunchtime treat for the office.
Happy snacking!

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