10 Sexy Female Celebs Justin Bieber Has Allegedly Slept With

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Justin Bieber has hooked up with some of the most beautiful women on the planet — but did you know that his list of girlfriends is rather long?

We’ve narrowed it down to our ten favorite ones, who’ve all been romantically linked to the Biebs. They may not all have had an ongoing relationship with him, but they’ve definitely been intimate with the “Sorry” hitmaker.

10. Selena Gomez

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Probably the most obvious one, since Justin Bieber shared a four-year relationship with this person: Selena Gomez. The singing sensation shared an on-again, off-again romance with the Bieber before the twosome eventually decided to call it quits, with reports alleging that Justin reportedly felt it was time to move on, following endless cheating allegations.

9. Chantel Jeffries

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This beauty was first linked to Justin Bieber in 2013, while the singer was still seeing Selena. She was then accompanied by the 22-year-old at his drag racing match in Miami with his then-pals, which would consequently lead to his arrest. Following his release, the duo flew out the country, and upon arriving at their destination, they were holding hands, giving the impression they were an item.

8. Sofia Richie

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Sofia Richie was first linked to Justin Bieber in August 2016 when Justin posted several photos of the socialite on his Instagram page. It would, later on, be confirmed that the twosome were dating, leaving his fans stunned — mainly because Sofia and Justin share a seven-year age difference, and from the reaction by fans, they clearly didn’t approve of the relationship.

7. Hailey Baldwin

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Hailey Baldwin was the stunning model Justin Bieber was linked to prior to hooking up with Sofia. According to reports, Hailey and Baldwin dated for a couple of months at the beginning of 2016 but ended up calling it quits because they realized that being friends suited them better. Some sources believe the Hollywood stars still share a friends with benefits relationship — they’re still on good terms with one another despite the breakup.

6. Rita Ora

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In July 2016, Justin was seen dining out in West Hollywood with British singer Rita Ora, instantly raising speculation whether the twos singers were hooking up. Some insiders alleged that Justin and Rita have definitely linked up and hooked up while others claim they are nothing more than good friends. Considering her long list of Hollywood boyfriends, we’d assume that she probably did sleep with Justin Bieber.

5. Miranda Kerr

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When Justin Bieber began his promotional tour for his album, Believe, the singer made a guest appearance on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012, where he would go on to meet Miranda Kerr. According to reports, the twosome were very “touchy feely” with one another, before Justin eventually made the move and invited the beautiful model out to see a movie with him at a nearby cinema. Word is they hooked up weeks later.

4. Tati Neves

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Tati Neves is the woman who infamously posted a video of a sleepy Justin Bieber crashed out in his bed while being recorded by the socialite. Neves was believed to have enjoyed a one-night stand with the “Boyfriend” singer, and the video footage she posted online was her way of proving to the world that she really did sleep with the Biebs.

3. Adriana Lima

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Another model for Justin Bieber? Damn! The singer met Adriana Lima at the Cannes festival a couple of years back, and from what sources have gathered, the duo got along so great, it didn’t take long for Lima to be carried away with Justin’s charm. So much that she allegedly ended up in Justin’s bed in a matter of days, but they never went on to form a relationship — it was just a quick hookup.

2. Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner also enjoyed an on-again, off-again romance with Justin Bieber, and this seems to be a fact since Selena Gomez famously unfollowed the model from her social media pages after learning that her former pal spent the night at Bieber’s crib — and that was just days before chilling with Selena at Coachella. Gomez clearly thought Kendall was breaking the girl code.

1. Kourtney Kardashian

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Throughout 2015, Kourtney Kardashian was heavily rumored to have hooked up with Justin Bieber — an allegation she has never confirmed nor denied. Following her breakup with Scott Disick, Kourtney didn’t hold back when she got back on the scene. During an appearance on Ellen, the reality star giggled and laughed when asked about her romance with Bieber, before claiming that she and the singer were “just friends,” yet continued to giggle uncontrollably.

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