5 Things On Television That Need To Be Canceled


TV sometimes can be a total wasteland of uninspired ideas, usually taken from someone else’s hard work. It seems nowadays if a show has some success the same channel will air dozens of clones of the same show, each getting worse and worse as they go along. So with the worst trends in TV in mind, here are 5 things that need to disappear from Television right now.

5. Replacement Mythbusters

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The Discovery channel’s Mythbusters was a wonderful blend of science, education, and blowing crap up for 14 years. Adam, Jamie, Tori, Keri, and Grant made for a great team for most of those years as each brought their own element to make the show a lot of fun and also helped people learn. When the show ended everyone went their separate ways and that was that, but almost as soon as the show ended Discovery’s sister network The Science Channel announced that they were not only going to do a new Mythbusters, but they would have a competition show to find the hosts. No. This will not work. No one can replace the original cast, especially now that Tori, Keri, and Grant have announced they will do a new show for Netflix. Nothing you can do will bring the magic back of the original show, no matter how hard you try. Save yourself the wasted money and just accept that Mythbusters is gone.

4. Real Housewives

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Does anyone really watch any of these shows? Nothing but a bunch of trophy wives arguing and fighting according to the scripts that weasely producers write for them. There is little to any redeeming value in any of these shows, no matter what city they take place in. Shows like these are usually created to find horrible people playing characters that they then a spin off into other “reality” shows that are just as horrible and even more contrived. If you want to see the rich and worthless snipe and slap each other, go watch old repeats of Dynasty or something and stop the endless cycle of this waste of time.

3. Cooking “Battle” Shows

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Iron Chef was an incredible show, especially the original Japanese version. It was a truly unique concept for the 90s and became a worldwide smash. I can understand that American producers would want to produce their own version. Food Network did a great job of it (LionGate did not), but here we are over 16 years after the original ended and now there are a bazillion versions of the same show and none of them have the impact the original did. Hell, Food Network is now almost entirely cooking competition shows. Everyone¬†is just as the same as the other. It doesn’t matter if it’s about who is the worst cook, how insane the ingredient, or whatever. It’s been done to death and its time to move on.

2. TLC

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Midgets, multiples, home redecoration, and medical freaks. Wash rinse repeat. Most of the programming on this channel is just the same shows, over and over, just with different faces. Most of the reality fare on this network usually doesn’t end well either. Jon and Kate have turned into tabloid fodder, The Roloffs divorced and their youngest son doesn’t even talk to them anymore, Mama June hooked up with the guy who sexually abused her own daughter, The Duggars, nothing ends well for anyone on this network and the more you hear this stuff the more you wonder if TLC wasn’t enabling it. Instead of seeing “star” after “star” from you channel end up being investigated by the cops, child services, or the feds, pull the plug and bring something new and hopefully less exploitive to your channel.

1. Anything Kardashian

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From the mother Kris that basically will do anything to make her assorted kids and step kids famous no matter what amount of dignity they lose in the process, to the screw-up children who have little clue of how the real world works. This clan of untalented, unskilled, unlikeable people just need to get off TV. The only time you see these people, it is usually some horrible attempt to get the spotlight on themselves, no matter whose life they ruin in the process. TMZ and E Network keep this festering brood of suck in business and its time to put this blight of the TV waves to an end.

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