3 Adorable Signs That Your Dog Is Obsessed With You

adorable dog and owner

Dogs are one of the few creates that develop very strong relationships with their owners and they have their own ways of expressing it.

Whenever your dog gives off one of the signs below, show your love back and you’ll be able to build a stronger relationship with your pet.

1. Licking

A dog that likes to lick his owner is one of the signs that are shown the most. As a dog licks their puppies to express their love and clean their fur, a dog licking their owner equals love being expressed in more than one way at once. Whenever your dog comes and licks you, hug them back and show them that you love them as well.

2. Wagging Tail

Many people already know this, but when a dog comes to you with their tails wagging behind them, then that means that they are excited and don’t fear you. If your pet comes to you with its tail wagging, then express your joy of seeing it and play catch or rub its belly. This will help show your dog that you care about it and that you are excited to see it as well.

3. Soft Biting or Chewing

Even though some parents don’t like this action being done with their children as it may cause unintentional injuries, it is a perfectly fine thing to do with adults with their dog companions, since the dog won’t bite hard enough to puncture through the skin with playful biting. When a dog comes and playfully bites you, it may mean that it is interested in you and want to have a better connection with you. It’s like someone asking if you want to play with them at the park!

Written by Shia Rougentail

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