10 Of The Cutest Animals That Still Live In The Wild


We’ve specially prepared a selection of the 10 cutest animals still living wild. Some of them you can find easily, but others are in remote locations inaccessible for most people. If you think of having any of them as pets, let me warn you that some are extremely dangerous.

10. White Lion

white lion

White tigers are close related to the Bengal tigers. It is known to be a variation due to a genetic defect associated with the abnormal production of red and yellow pigments. They are not common but have been adopted by popular culture. They’ve inspired literature works, TV movies and shows, comic books and video games. Their unique white skin makes them adorable.

9. Hedge Hog

hedgehog cute

Hedgehogs are silent animals that live part of the year in hibernation status. They are chosen in recent times like pets, where their wild behavior is seriously changed. In some places of the United States and Canada, it is illegal to have it as a pet. In most parts of Europe, it is not restricted, except for Italy and the United Kingdom. In the wild, hedgehogs eat insects, frogs, carrion and bird eggs. But they also eat grass roots, watermelons, melons, mushrooms, and berries.

8. Bob Cat

bob cat

Bobcats live in the woods. They are widespread in America, from southern Canada to the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Bobcats live alone and move under pre-defined territories. They hunt for a living, and they can stay without food for long periods. When there is food, they eat abundantly. Female bobcats raise their children alone until they can hunt on their own. That occurs at the age of 5 to 8 months. Then they disperse to find their territory, shelter, and food. It is common that Bobcats travel in the surrounding area, and it is rare to find them in the same places all the time. However, they are seasonal animals, and eventually will return to previous places.

7. European Rabbits


There are many species of rabbits. The cutest are European rabbits. They are also the most common and are now common as pets. Whereas they are friendly living with humans, wild rabbits can be aggressive. Males consistently compete for dominance, and this develops offensive skills. They use their back legs to fight and jump. Female rabbits, in particular, are highly territorial animals.

6. Fox


The triangular ears of foxes are their distinctive mark and give them a cute look. They usually live in small family groups, and can eat animals and plants. Foxes are one of the few farsighted animals. When they find more food than they need, they take it for later consumption. They build their pantry under snow, soil or leaves, depending on the season.

5. Fallow Deer

fallow deer

The fallow deer has inspired literature. Some pieces of work talk about the fallow deer as a lady. This is maybe because the Latin root of the name means lady. It originally lived in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean. Romans spread them in Europe and later it is not clear who took them to Britain. Other parts of the world where they’ve taken them are the United States, South Africa, and New Zeeland. People took them around the world for hunting porpoises in past ages, but now it is not allowed in most countries.

4. Red Bear-Cat


The red cat-bear is a rare but cute combination. It has the best characteristics of felines and bears, with a raccoon-like red tail. They are called with many names, like a lesser panda, red panda or red cat-bear. They are from the Himalayas in China. They run solitaire across the forest when they are in the wild. Except for the mating season, it is rare to see them together. They are territorial. Therefore they keep away other species from their lands. Female red cat-bears take alone the nursing works. Young red-cats leave the nest at the age of almost one year, right after new red cat-bears are born.

3. Lions


Lios are known as the king of the jungle. They have inspired many cartoon movies, and this is why. They can be the cutest big cats when they are not hunting. They are more active at night, and they usually live in society. Their close circle is like family. A male lion with several female lionesses with their cubs. At times, there is a second male lion. When male cubs grow up to become adult lions, they usually are expelled to live alone. Eventually, a lonely male lion will find another group to join. Females are rarely accepted by a group that is not their family.

2. Emperor Penguin

emperor penguin

Emperor penguins are the tallest penguins of all species. Their bellies turn white when they are adults, and they mainly eat fish. They live exclusively in Antarctica. Unlike other species, the single egg laid by the female penguin is incubated by her male mate, while she looks for food. Observation has shown they have a strong nuclear family, and they live in society. For example, to protect the colony from the strong winds, they form a huddle; some researchers have called it the turtle formation. They take younger penguins to the center to keep them safe. Their strong bonds are perhaps why they look so cute.

1. Panda Bears

panda bears

Bears are cute. I particularly love panda bears. As babies, you’d just like to squish them, and as adults, you’d like to get a big hug from one of them. They are also called just panda, and they come from China. They eat bamboo, so you don’t have to worry about them trying to have you for lunch. However, in wildlife, some of them eat birds and rodents. They are big enough to kill a person and they will attack if they feel threatened. It is an endangered species, and they are near to extinction. It is estimated that the total population of wild pandas is around 2000 only. Let’s create awareness and save this cute panda bear.

Written by Shayna Kudler

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