15 Horrible Things The Kardashians Did To Other Celebs

15 Horrible Things The Kardashians Did To Other Celebs

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The Kardashians have come quite a long way since making their debut on our television screens back in 2007. Since then, so many things have happened in their lives — they’ve practically become billionaires when you combine all of their businesses and assets together.

But with all the success they’ve had has also seen quite a number of negative headlines make their way online — ones that paint an unpleasant image of Kim and her sisters. In case you were curious to know what horrible things the Kardashians have done to other celebrities, see below.

You’ll be shocked at how one Kardashian allegedly treated herself to her a fun day out with their celebrity friend’s credit card while another shamed an actress with nude photos that weren’t even hers, to begin with.

Went On Shopping Spree With Brandy’s Credit Card

kim kardashian brandy friends

Back when Kim Kardashian was still styling other celebrities, one of her clients happened to be Brandy, who built a quick relationship with the TV star. So much that the singer trusted Kim enough to run errands for her with the use of her credit card. On one particular day, Kardashian pampered herself, racking up an outstanding bill hitting close to $100,000, according to reports. Brandy and Kim haven’t spoken since.

Purposely Leaked Sex Tape

ray j kim kardashian dating

If you thought the leakage of that infamous sex tape between Ray J and Kim Kardashian was by accident, you better think again. According to reports, Kris and Kim planned to have the tape released upon signing the biggest deal with Vivid Entertainment at the time. Kim walked away with $5 million.

Used Kris Humphries For Money

kris humphries kim kardashian wedding

The big wedding Kim organized for her ceremony with NBA star Kris Humphries saw the reality star make a stunning $20 million from. That’s right, through endorsement deals, a TV special with the E! network, and exclusive magazine photos, Kim walked away with tens of millions just to publicize the wedding for the world to see.

Cashed In On Lamar Odom’s Downfall

khloe kardashian lamar odom

Since 2013, Lamar Odom has been spiraling out of control with his drug habit and alcohol problem, but instead of supporting him in private, Khloe Kardashian and her family have used this opportunity to publicize off the troubled athlete. They even showed a picture of him in the hospital during one of the episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Horrible.

Shamed Scott Disick’s Meltdown

scott disick cheating

Following the death of Scott Disick’s parents, the Kardashians gave the socialite quite a tough time. As seen on the show, Kourtney Kardashian often nagged her then boyfriend about his depressive behavior, unable to grasp an understanding as to how the father of three must be feeling. Scott eventually cheated on Kourtney, and rightfully so.

Dissed Tyga For Ratings

kylie jenner tyga

In an episode of the family’s reality show, Kendall Jenner stressed how annoying it is for Tyga to always be around her sister Kylie, 19 because she would like to have some alone time with her sibling without her boyfriend intruding all the time. Fans bashed Kendall for her insensitive comment, stressing that she needed to find a boyfriend to understand the meaning of love.

Neglected Caitlyn Jenner After Transition

caitlyn jenner i am cait

After Caitlyn Jenner came out and announced her transition, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were very vocal when saying that they struggled to come to terms with the idea of having their step-father become a woman. Kourtney wouldn’t even accept it at first, adding that she wouldn’t tell her children about it because she wants to “protect them.”

Dissed Rita Ora For Rob’s Childish Behavior

rob kardashian rita ora diss

The entire family stuck behind Rob Kardashian when he claimed that his ex-girlfriend and pop star Rita Ora cheated on him with twenty men. It was later found out that Rob was lying the whole time, which made things awkward for the family since they had already slammed Ora, calling her all kinds of names to back Rob’s claims. How embarrassing.

Belittled Amber Rose For Her Stripper Past

amber rose selfie

When Amber Rose told the Breakfast Club in 2015 that she didn’t appreciate Tyga leaving her BFF Blac Chyna for a then 18-year-old Kylie Jenner, Khloe responded with hurtful comments, bringing up Amber’s past on how she used to be a stripper and should stop judging others. The attack was rather random considering that Amber was only defending her friend, who was left on her own with a one-year-old baby at the time.

Kept Blac Chyna Away From Tyga

blac chyna kim kardashian feud

Because of the fact that Kylie Jenner started seeing Tyga, the Kardashians didn’t want anything to do with Blac Chyna — which evidently meant that if Tyga wanted to be with Kylie, he had to keep his distance from Blac. It was alleged that Chyna wasn’t allowed anywhere near the family, and Tyga was instructed to keep his distance if he wanted to communicate with Blac in any way.

Stopped Blac and Amber’s Reality Show

blac chyna reality show

Out of bitterness, and because Blac reportedly made subliminal threats against Kylie via Instagram, the Kardashians decided to block a potential reality show that Chyna and Amber Rose had been in talks to land themselves. The family feared that the duo would trash talk them, evidently sending lawyers to settle the case and squash the TV show plans before it could even hit production mode.

Leaked Taylor Swift Phone Call

kim kardashian taylor swift feud

Yes, while Taylor Swift may have somewhat lied about her knowledge with the Famous reference song that Kanye West featured on his latest album, The Life of Pablo, leaking the phone call he had with the singer was just appalling.

Staged KUWTK Scenes To Make Kris Humphries Look Bad

kuwtk scenes kris humphries look bad kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian knew she wanted to divorce Kris Humphries prior to making the announcement official. But because she was also gearing up for the premiere of her former show, Kim & Kourtney Take New York, the reality star went back and re-shot scenes to portray Kris as the bad guy, to get fans behind her and have them feel sorry for her.

Posted Fake Nude Photos Of Chloe Moretz

chloe moretz feud kardashian

After Chloe Moretz made it known she didn’t appreciate Kim Kardashian constantly being naked on the internet, Khloe Kardashian defended her sister months later by posting a series of nude photos of what appeared to be the actress with no underwear on. Turns out that those photos weren’t Moretz after all, which not only left Khloe in embarrassment, having failed to justify her point but also shown how low the family was willing to go to publicly hurt another Hollywood star with an opinion.

Hurt Reggie Bush NFL Career

kim kardashian reggie bush hot

Reggie Bush’s career was supposedly affected because of his relationship with Kim Kardashian, who would famously allege that the NFL star cheated on her with multiple women. Whether that was true or not, Kim couldn’t care less about how that may affect Reggie’s reputation with his younger fans, especially since the couple was constantly in an on-again, off-again romance. Besides, Kim was also said to have cheated on numerous occasions, so who was she to judge and publicly bash others?



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