Kim Kardashian: How Kanye West’s Antics Are Causing ‘KUWTK’ Star To Consider...

Kim Kardashian: How Kanye West’s Antics Are Causing ‘KUWTK’ Star To Consider Divorce

kim kardashian kanye west divorce

Kim Kardashian is exhausted by the stress that Kanye West has put her under, so much so that family members think the reality star has drastically changed over the past couple of months.

While the TV personality has openly admitted to trying out extreme diets that include no sugar and a very small amount of carbs, sources are now alleging that Kim’s eating habits are much worse than one could’ve imagined.

Following the birth of her second child back in December, Kim Kardashian was constantly trying to find new ways to lose the baby weight, having realized that losing the additional pounds was much harder than when she gave birth to North West in 2013.

“She’s constantly whining because she’s depriving herself,” the source reveals. “What’s more alarming is that Kim may be headed for an eating disorder.”

The outlet then goes on to claim that, while Kim wants everybody to think that she’s losing the baby weight in a healthy manner, her family seems to think that the TV star is close to starving herself just to get her ideal figure back.

An insider continued by stressing that Kim Kardashian’s diet is very clean. She eats as much salad as possible to avoid feeling the hunger and temptation for a more fulfilling meal. “Even North has noticed her skimpy salads and says her mommy only eats leaves,” the outlet says.

““Kim claims she’s being healthy, but her family is very wary of her diet obsession. They fear she’s eating far less than she says she is, and that she’s doing herself harm.”

Rumors concerning Kim Kardashian’s shocking diet comes just days after it was alleged that the reality star was struggling to contain her emotions in her toxic relationship with her husband, Kanye West.

As previously reported, the couple have been feuding constantly in the past few months, with their most recent fight being caused over the Taylor Swift “Famous” music video reference.

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Kanye West feud

Kardashian reportedly hated the idea of having Taylor and other celebs appear nude in the visual, concerned as to how it could affect their image — particular with Swift, who prides herself for having such a clean reputation in Hollywood.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kim and Kanye have allegedly butted heads over something that the rapper did to intentionally irritate other celebrities. West infamously dissed fellow rapper, Wiz Khalifa, in a Twitter feud, where he outrageously claimed to own the rapper’s son.

Kanye stressed that if he hadn’t put Amber Rose in the spotlight, she wouldn’t be where she is today. The remarks were rather shocking and came out of nowhere, leaving Kim to do the damage control and mend things between the trio.

But from what sources have alleged, Kim Kardashian has become sick and tired of trying to clean up her husband’s image. It’s weighed hard on their marriage, and judging by the supposed fact that Kim is dealing with problems of her own, her chaotic relationship with West doesn’t seem to be doing her any good.

The TV star has yet to address reports claiming that she’s extreme dieting. Could Kim’s marriage be contributing to the reason why the 34-year-old is allegedly starving herself to be skinny?



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