Kylie Jenner Cheating On PartyNextDoor With Tyga? Former Couple Spotted Together In...

Kylie Jenner Cheating On PartyNextDoor With Tyga? Former Couple Spotted Together In Calabasas — Photo

kylie jenner tyga reconcile partynextdoor split

Kylie Jenner has left her fans confused after photos of her and Tyga emerged earlier this week.

According to multiple outlets, the reality star and her ex-boyfriend were spotted out in Calabasas, taking a ride in the Ferrari the 26-year-old famously gifted Jenner for her 18th birthday.

It’s all a bit strange considering the supposed fact that Kylie dumped Tyga because she became suspicious about the many women he was allegedly hooking up with behind the socialite’s back.

Dozens of women came forward, claiming they had slept with the rapper during his two-year romance with Kylie, leaving the TV personality no other choice but to dump the father-of-one, having been told by family members that she doesn’t need the boyfriend drama.

Well, something seems to have made Kylie Jenner run back to Tyga — for reasons that are still unknown, but one should note that the 18-year-old is already in a new relationship with singer/songwriter PartyNextDoor, who famously penned Rihanna’s hit song “Work.”

The two started dating just days after Kylie’s split with Tyga, but now that photos are emerging of the 18-year-old with her ex-beau, how does one make sense of this situation?

In the photos that have since been posted on Instagram, Kylie Jenner can be seen tilting her face to the side as she faces Tyga, who is busy talking on the phone whilst driving the $230,000 vehicle.

Their unexpected get-together comes just weeks after sources alleged Tyga had been bombarding the socialite with endless phone calls and text messages, stressing she should give him another chance.

kylie jenner tyga reconcile amid partynextdoor romance

While there seems to have been some truth to the cheating allegations, Tyga has never fully confessed to his alleged wrongdoings. And at first, Kylie refused to give in, threatening her ex-boyfriend she would file a restraining order against him if he didn’t leave her alone. But now, however, it seems everything is well between the two once again.

A source at the time revealed, “Kylie has threatened Tyga with a restraining order since he refuses to stop calling, texting and emailing her. That’s true to a certain point, but Kylie was getting embarrassed at being seen with him. She can do so much better.”

Whether the couple is hooking up again has yet to be confirmed, but one should wonder why Kylie Jenner was covering her face as she drove with Tyga through the streets of Calabasas. Perhaps because she didn’t expect photographers to run up on her and have PartyNextDoor find out that she has secretly reconciled with her ex.

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