Amber Heard ‘Pregnant With Baby’ After Johnny Depp Divorce, Domestic Abuse Claims

Amber Heard ‘Pregnant With Baby’ After Johnny Depp Divorce, Domestic Abuse Claims

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Amber Heard is allegedly expecting her first child with Johnny Depp in the midst of the couple’s nasty divorce, stemming from allegations by the actress, who claimed that the 52-year-old abused her.

Heard, who married Johnny without a prenuptial agreement, could potentially walk away with $15 million considering that Depp made quite a fortune during the time the twosome were married, but now with baby reports coming into the mix of things, Amber’s earnings could rapidly increase.

Star magazine alleges the following, “One minute they were supposedly in love, and the next they’re practically at war. It’d be a terrible situation to bring a baby into.”


But that’s not all — with the outlet’s sources claiming that Amber Heard is reportedly pregnant with Johnny’s baby, one has to think about the issues this will cause for Depp, especially since his lawyers have been fighting for Heard to receive as little as possible.

The Hollywood star has very much made it known that he’s not an abusive individual, and his family have backed him on that matter, taking to their social media pages to assure fans that the person certain people are trying to portray this “loving man” to be couldn’t be further from the man they know him to be.

In the midst of outlets claiming that Amber is allegedly pregnant with her firstborn, this could potentially see Heard settle the divorce with much more money than she would’ve anticipated.

As mentioned above, $15 million plus spousal support is supposedly what Amber wants in order to walk away from the marriage peacefully. But if she’s pregnant with Johnny Depp’s baby, those earnings are going to increase by several millions — and one shouldn’t forget that child support will also be added to the settlement.


Since the couple is divorcing, then the next question will be who takes full custody of the baby since both partners have given the impression that they certainly don’t want to be around one another once the divorce process is finally over.

All in all, the pregnancy announcement will come very timely for Amber Heard, who has made allegations against Depp with claims that he physically abused her throughout their marriage, but also plans on taking a huge cut from the money the actor made during their time together.

Things aren’t looking too good for Johnny. Regardless of whether the abuse claims are true — and we’re not siding with either, at least for now — the possible fact that Depp has a child on the way with Amber Heard can cause a lot of problems with his lawyers, who’ll be fighting a losing battle against an alleged soon-to-be single mother-of-one.



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