Mariah Carey Divorce: Nick Cannon Halts Process, Prevents Singer’s Wedding To Billionaire...

Mariah Carey Divorce: Nick Cannon Halts Process, Prevents Singer’s Wedding To Billionaire James Packer

mariah carey nick cannon divorce to marry james packer

Nick Cannon is still in love with Mariah Carey — at least that’s what is being claimed as the “Dreamlover” songstress awaits for her soon-to-be ex-husband to sign off on the divorce papers.

The couple, who announced their divorce last year, have remained cordial following their split, mainly for the sake of their kids, but after Mariah moved on with billionaire James Packer, Nick apparently didn’t want to go ahead with the divorce anymore.

mariah carey nick cannon

It seems rather strange since both parties had settled with the fact that they had separated and wanted to split, but with all the months that have passed, Cannon has supposedly realized how much he misses Mariah. So much that he doesn’t want to divorce her.

Well, Mariah Carey obviously sees things differently. She wants the divorce to be finalized asap — for reasons solely directing back at the fact that she is already engaged to Packer.

The two cannot get married as long as Carey is still attached to Nick on paper.

Sources say that the 46-year-old is beginning to become frustrated because she had already planned a lavish wedding ceremony with James and their families over the summer, but since Nick Cannon is delaying the divorce process, everything is starting to fall apart for the singer.

One insider alleges that Nick is holding off on the divorce not only because he still loves Mariah, but also because he doesn’t want her to marry such a wealthy man — insinuating that Cannon is jealous over the fact that Mariah has found a business tycoon who is bound to become his children’s stepfather.

Well, too little too late, sources close to Mariah stress. The “We Belong Together” chanteuse hasn’t been this happy in years, it has been revealed.

From her forthcoming docu-series to a residency in Vegas, and not to forget the fact that she just finished up her European tour — Mariah is all around doing great.

Financially, she’s made a ton of money since the divorce announcement, she’s engaged to a billionaire, the kids are doing well, she’s hired a trainer to get her body back to those glory old 2005 days — I mean, Mariah is on fire.

All in all, Mariah wants Nick to know that she’s not getting back with him as much as it may kill him inside, another source added.

Sooner or later, the divorce process will have to be finalized, allowing Mariah to swiftly move on and marry James — did I mention that he’s a billionaire yet? — and focus on her music career.



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