Blake Shelton ‘Bans Gwen Stefani From Publicizing Relationship’ Amid Pregnancy, Wedding Rumors

Blake Shelton ‘Bans Gwen Stefani From Publicizing Relationship’ Amid Pregnancy, Wedding Rumors

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Has Blake Shelton banned Gwen Stefani from publicizing their romance together? According to multiple sources, this seems to be the case.

In Touch alleges that Blake has kindly asked Gwen to take a step back from social media — at least as far as their romance is concerned.

The country singer doesn’t want people involving themselves in his private life, because at the end of the day, everyone is going to have an opinion on something that the couple does, and Blake Shelton just doesn’t want to deal with the judgments, which is understandable.

He was very private during his short-lived marriage to Miranda Lambert, who was also known to be rather quiet when it came to her love life, but Stefani seems to be quite the opposite.

Considering the fact that she’s a singer and that she has been a social media fanatic before she even met Blake could potentially make this challenging for her, especially since she loves communicating with fans through the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

But according to sources, Gwen will just have to suck it up if she wants to make the relationship with Blake last.

“He’s asked Gwen to stop posting so many selfies of them,” the source explains, before adding that Blake “worries that their public displays of affection may turn off fans — or worse, cheapen their very real romance as they undergo in vitro fertilization to have a baby and discuss marriage.”

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As mentioned above, Blake and Gwen’s romance is moving forward rather quickly, so much that the twosome have already been discussing baby plans — and get this, marriage will soon follow.

Perhaps the reason why Blake Shelton doesn’t want his business on social media is solely down to him not wanting people to criticize the couple’s decision to move forward with their romance by starting a family together and potentially getting married.

All in all, Shelton just hopes that the endless photos of the two together on Gwen’s social media pages can stop — just because people don’t need to be that involved in their love life, and if the relationship is going to work, constant selfies of the duo together aren’t going to help.

News of Shelton’s hopes to have Gwen Stefani stop publicizing their romance comes just weeks after the singer confirmed she’ll be hitting the road for a North American tour in support of her latest album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like. She’ll be joined by rapper Eve as her opening act.



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