A Feature on Jimi Hendrix’s Influence on Traditional and Modern Pop Culture

A Feature on Jimi Hendrix’s Influence on Traditional and Modern Pop Culture

jimi hendryx

Jimi Hendrix was a man of many hats. Not only wad he a highly talented guitarist, he was also a bona fide artist who – up to this day – continues to inspire people in a lot of ways. It’s probably safe to say that this generation’s fascination, the passion that burns for Hendrix remains as alive as it ever was.

The music career of Jimi Hendrix was short albeit a meaningful one. He left a legacy featuring timeless songs such as ‘Purple Haze,’ ‘Fire,’ and ‘The Wind Cries Mary,’ just to name a few. Hendrix also transformed guitar playing, showcasing a style that was avant-garde and wise beyond his years. In a way, he revolutionized a simple Fender Stratocaster into a mystic axe that broke doors for this era’s artists.

As accomplished and as enthralling as he was on stage, Jimi Hendrix’s influence went further than Woodstock and the Monterey Pop festival. Many consider Hendrix as a cultural icon, a figure that encapsulates greatness and covers a range of genres. For one, he had the power to convert an already-great song such as Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’ into a greater mind-altering experience. Additionally, Hendrix possessed the perplexing guitar power to rock a Beatles classic like ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ – in front of an actual Beatle himself.

What’s even more remarkable is how Jimi Hendrix went past the borders of music and into general popular culture. Aside from the well-received Rock Band franchise, his likeness was used as the focal point of European-based titles such as Pocketfruity’s online slots, as well as Adventure Game Studio’s detective mystery game. The former uses iconic, psychedelic symbols from his era while the latter encourages gamers to solve a tricky case in a world where everyone is a Jimi Hendrix clone.

From these alone, one can safely say that Jimi Hendrix represents the spirit of excellence. He’s a true artist who constantly looked for ways on how to break through the limitations of conformity. But more importantly, Jimi Hendrix was an innovator, a legend, who gave his all for the glory of something far greater than music.



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