Tyga Secret Hookup With Val Mercado: Kylie Jenner Dumped?


Tyga has been seen out and about with a new girl!

Just weeks after being accused of flirting with a 14-year-old via text, Tyga was photographed hanging out with a Kylie Jenner look-alike named Val Mercado, 23, at a shopping center in Beverly Hills on Jan. 21.

The two were seen smiling and laughing as they walked side-by-side through the parking garage, however, Kylie was nowhere in sight!

The 26-year-old rapper has denied recent allegations of cheating on his on again, off again girlfriend, 18, but this shocking new report may be the truth after all.

Fans were also quick to note that this was hardly their first encounter. It turns out that it’s been going down in the DM between Tyga and Val for a while now.

On Jan. 22, social media users had claimed to have noticed Tyga liking and commenting on photos of Val from his official Instagram account.

kylie jenner tyga

While it is still unclear whether or not it was actually Tyga who did the liking, who else could it be blamed on? His dog?

Though we were skeptical when the ‘Scandal’ rapper was first spotted hanging out with the 23-year-old Instagram model in L.A., now we’re beginning to wonder if maybe Tyga had been creeping around all along.

Let’s not forget that this also isn’t the first time Tyga has been accused of sneaking around behind Kylie’s back.

On Jan. 8, reports surfaced accusing Tyga of allegedly hooking up with Annalu Cardoso, 23, after meeting on an episode of his show Kingin’ With Tyga.

While hanging out with Annalu, Tyga was reported to have played down his relationship with Kylie. Sources claimed he was “acting like someone who didn’t have a girlfriend.”

Of course, Kylie is NOT happy about Tyga’s behavior and has been distancing herself from him for some time now.

“The pair has been spending less and less time together,” a source revealed. “They used to be together seven days a week and now she has told him to stay away! He is lucky if he gets to see her every other week.”

I think it is safe to say that “Kyga” will soon be over.

Written by Akilah Nuredeen

I'm a 24 year old aspiring blogger/journalist. I love all things trending from celebrity and entertainment news to the latest clothing styles. I love to write, travel and experience new things. I also work hard and expect a lot from myself. I tend to set standards high for myself and always have a way of meeting them. I also have huge dreams and plan to make every one of them come true no matter how long it takes. Hardwork always pays off!

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