Mariah Carey’s Engagement to James Packer in Turmoil Over Nick Cannon?

Mariah Carey’s Engagement to James Packer in Turmoil Over Nick Cannon?

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Mariah Carey has been feuding with Nick Cannon, so much that James Packer has decided to get himself involved in the matter.

According to the National Enquirer, the ‘We Belong Together’ songstress has been fighting with her ex-husband over money and child support.

While the news outlet fails to claim why Nick and Mariah can’t come to some kind of agreement regarding their money drama, their sources say that their relationship has turned quite sour as of late.

Carey’s billionaire boyfriend is “fed up with the endless bickering between Mariah and Nick,” presumably because he’s filthy rich and doesn’t understand why Mariah is making a fuss over a couple of millions.

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The businessman feels that the stress Mariah is putting herself under is totally unnecessary, which will soon have an impact on her children, Moroccan and Monroe.

They will “wind up the victims if Mariah and Nick drag out the haggling,” the source continued.

Last year, it was reported that Carey had approached her ex-husband with a gagging order, which would see the television personality bank millions just to keep his mouth shut about his ex-wife.

You would think that a man worth $60million and shares two kids with a woman would not even think about something like that, but Mariah seems to know Nick better than any of us.

With all of that being said, one shouldn’t forget that this story comes from the National Enquirer, who fail to mention that Nick and Mariah spent Christmas in Aspen with the kids. James Packer was there too, allegedly.

If anything, the tabloid portrays James as a good boyfriend, who clearly wants to marry Mariah Carey. But if their relationship is to go that far, the diva needs to adjust her behaviour and cooperate with the opinion of her man, who is only looking out for her.

Whatever Nick takes, Mariah can get back from James.



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