Kristen Stewart: In Fear Of Losing Chanel Deal ‘Over Weight Gain’

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart has reportedly been informed that she needs to get herself in shape if she wants to keep her multi-million dollar contract with Chanel.

The ‘Twilight’ actress is alleged to have put on some weight over the last couple of months, and according to ‘Star’ magazine, she’s bound to lose out on her deal with the fashion empire if she doesn’t start working out more.

The tabloid is quoted, stressing, “Kristen feels like she shouldn’t have to work out, since she’d rather smoke cigarettes than eat anyway.”

Kristen, who has never really been “overweight,” would probably be baffled with the thought of losing weight since she’s not a big girl to begin with. But according to insiders, execs over at Chanel may feel otherwise.

“She’s not 19 anymore, and if she wants to be the face of a luxury brand, she needs to keep up with the Hollywood standard, which is a toned, healthy body.”

The source stresses that the majority of women in Hollywood keep themselves in good shape; especially when they are endorsing a company with high standards.

It is insinuated that Kristen doesn’t do anything but smoke and “gain weight,” which is supposedly going to hurt her career in the long run, especially since these deals are worth millions.

Chanel has not commented on the allegations made against the actress, who they approached last year to become the face of their company.

From what we’ve gathered over the last couple of moths, Chanel is actually very impressed with the sales Kristen Stewart has driven to their collections. They know that she has a massive following, and regardless of her supposed weight gain, it wouldn’t get in the way of their work relationship.

Kristen has not responded to Star magazine’s claims.

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