Selena Gomez Slob Drama: Former Assistant Says She’s Beyond Dirty and Messy

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An assistant, who claims to have worked with Selena Gomez in the past, threw unmissable digs at the ‘Good For You’ singer for being a complete ‘slob.’

According to ‘Star,’ the assistant tells them that working for Gomez was a complete nightmare, which mainly stemmed from the supposed fact that she was unbelievably messy and would throw her trash all over the floor.

From snack wrappers to makeup smudged all over the place, the person that was left behind to clean all of it up was always the assistant, the magazine further alleges.

The most disturbing part of there story comes as the assistant vividly recalls the time they allegedly had to clear up Selena Gomez’s dirty underwear from the floor, leaving them utterly disgusted at the kind of things they were forced to do.

“I never expected to see a celebrity’s dirty undergarments, let alone have to pick them up!” the assistant is quoted telling the magazine.

It definitely shouldn’t be an assistant’s job to clean up dirty underwear from the floor and pick up snack wrappers whenever they surface on the floor again, but then again, these are some of the things celebrities have made their assistants do.

The assistant remains anonymous in the magazine’s story, presumably because they hope to continue their duties as a personal assistant — just not for Ms. Gomez, who they describe as a ‘slob.’

Perhaps Selena’s messiness is over her supposed frustration in dealing with her breakup from Justin Bieber, who is now said to be dating Hailey Baldwin.

While it’s unclear how long Selena may have been acting this way, I’d give her the benefit of the doubt that her messiness is down to her feelings being all over the place. But perhaps that’s just me making an excuse for the girl.

On the other hand, the dirty underwear on the floor is unexplainable and quite nasty.

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