Beyonce ‘Jealous Of Adele’: Postponed New Music Following Success Of ’25′

Beyonce ‘Jealous Of Adele’: Postponed New Music Following Success Of ’25′

Beyonce ‘Jealous Of Adele’: Postponed New Music Following Success Of ’25'

Beyonce is jealous over Adele’s success in music, particularly after the British-songstress prevented Bey from releasing new material in December.

According to In Touch, Beyonce was hoping to unveil her highly anticipated record last month, which would have marked the 2nd anniversary since her last self-titled record hit stores.

But according to their sources, Bey had to cancel all of those plans upon learning that Adele was set to take over the charts with ’25’. The 34-year-old supposedly knew that competing against a powerhouse like Adele was pointless, so she backed off.

“Beyonce wanted to release music in December, but she knew it simply couldn’t compare to Adele. She is beyond jealous,” the source alleges.

If rumors are true that Beyonce was looking to unveil new music in December, she wouldn’t have been the only one who had to reschedule their entire working plans.

Rihanna was also alleged to have postponed the release of ‘ANTI’ over Adele’s continued slayage, which has already seen the ‘Hello’  singer surpass sales of over 10 million copies with her latest solo effort in less than two months.

Fortunately for the self-proclaimed Queen Bey, she stands another chance to make up for lost time, following yesterday’s confirmation she’ll be performing at this year’s Super Bowl alongside Coldplay.

The hype for new music from Beyonce is definitely brewing. If anything, she should thank Adele, because now that she’s lined up to perform at the Super Bowl again, the timing to unveil a new studio album will be perfect.

In other Adele news, ‘Hello’ has managed to stay on top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for a tenth consecutive week, and according to analysts, the song is expected to stay there for another four weeks.

The Super Bowl is not until February, so when Adele’s music finally starts to decline a little, Beyonce will have enough room to take over.

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