Nina Dobrev Unemployed Post-‘Vampire Diaries’ Exit, Struggling To Find Work As Hollywood Actress?

nina dobrev

nina dobrev

Nina Dobrev is struggling to find herself a new job following her departure from the CW’s Vampire Diaries. The actress, who reportedly quit the show over ongoing issues with Ian Somerhalder, could potentially regret the idea of leaving as she is so-to-say unemployed for the time being.

Dobrev had hoped that once she departs TVD, she could simply move to Hollywood and jumpstart her career as a credible actress. Having had a huge desire in wanting to switch over to the big screen, Nina is said to have had no luck as of yet. She was rumoured to have been turned down by several casting agents, realising that the competition for blockbuster roles is extremely competitive.

Nina’s fans have since wondered what the TV-star will do in the meantime. If the actress was to change her mind and suddenly return to Vampire Diaries, executive producer Julie Plec would welcome her with open arms, but there is one thing that would stop her in doing so. It’s Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed.

Ian, Nina’s famous ex-boyfriend, is said to have made things very awkward onset during the show’s most recent series. The actor had his wife fly out to Atlanta so that she could be closer to her husband while he is filming for the program, but Dobrev was totally uncomfortable with it. Even worse, Nikki would reportedly show up on set when Ian and Nina had intimate scenes with one another.

This, along with the shocking news that Ian was to wed Nikki Reed, changed the entire atmosphere between the TVD cast. People knew that Nina was struggling with the idea of coming to work where she will be reunited with an ex-boyfriend who is now happily married and brings his wife to the set. While everyone gushes on what a lovely person Nikki is, many believe that she would be far from happy to see her man smooch his ex as she gazes on.

Whatever the case, Nina’s departure has served to be bittersweet; she can now do whatever she wants to do and not have to see Ian Somerhalder, but can’t seem to find a job anywhere. It is not surprising to hear that the 26-year-old is struggling to make it in Hollywood, seeing that hundreds of talented beautiful girls want to star in forthcoming films just as much as she does. Maybe even more.

While people have speculated whether Nina could potentially return to the show, sources think otherwise. She will now experience the real struggle of breaking through in Hollywood, having come from a show that was serving her a reported $70,000 per episode.

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