Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Scientology Fight Over Suri’s Upbringing

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Scientology Fight Over Suri’s Upbringing

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Katie Holmes is not looking forward to Tom Cruise’s return to the United States following his heavy workload oversees.

The actor is expected to return to the States, having been given time off from his latest sequel to Mission Impossible. Katie is pissed for the fact that she’s convinced once Tom is back in town, he’ll change up the rules to how Katie is raising Suri.

According to In Touch magazine, Holmes struggles with Tom’s pushover behaviour around Suri. She allegedly thinks that Tom will spoil their daughter to the point where the rules that she lays down in her home will no longer be obeyed.

“Katie’s been trying to give Suri a different type of life since she and Tom divorced. She feels Tom oversteps the boundaries she’s comfortable with concerning Suri.”

It’s true that Katie had a huge problem with the whole Scientology religion.

The main reason for the couple’s split was purely down to the religion in the first place, hence why sources are now claiming that Suri may now be re-introduced to the religion once Tom starts spending more time with her again.

It makes sense. If Tom is back in the States and is with his daughter a lot, he’s most certainly still going to follow his Scientology beliefs, and who knows — he may even take Suri to the church behind Katie’s back.

Okay, that maybe far-fetched, but there’s an understanding as to why Katie is so worried about Tom and his return to the States.

Should she be worried?



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