Robert Pattinson ‘getting ripped’ to impress FKA Twigs — Kristen Stewart jealous?

Robert Pattinson ‘getting ripped’ to impress FKA Twigs — Kristen Stewart jealous?


robert parttinson fka twigs shirtlessRobert Pattinson is taking his new romance to FKA Twigs so seriously, he’s making sure she becomes a keeper by his new workout routine.

Yes, Robert is hitting the gym almost every day to get a “ripped physique” and impress his new girlfriend of two months. 

Pattinson’s personal trainer dished that the actor is really taking this fitness regimen seriously. “Sometimes we work out 4-5 days a week. Robert’s workout with me is mainly resistance based. He stays lean by strength training and eating really clean.”

Of course it’s an assumption to think that Robert is working out so much to impress his girlfriend seeing that he’s never been a huge fan of hitting the gym.

Or maybe he’s trying to get ripped for a new movie role?

Either way, FKA Twigs definitely won’t be complaining.

The couple are said to be taking things quite fast in their relationship. Pattinson has told close pals and family members how he sees himself spending the rest of his life with the singer, claiming she is ‘the one’.

Of course it doesn’t hurt the fact that both FKA and Robert are British, so they’ll probably have a lot in common just on that alone.

But it will be interesting to see how this relationship goes about if FKA’s career was to take off.

Having already done a couple of gigs in recent weeks with the support of Adele who praised the singer’s live performance at a show she attended, FKA is definitely on the right path to stardom but with their schedules later on clashing… will FKA still find as much free time with Rob as she does now?

Only time will tell on whether this romance will last. Robert says she’s the one but he also said that about Kristen Stewart who he was rumoured to try and propose to before he called time on the relationship following Kristen’s cheating affair with Rupert Sanders.



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