Fat Joe ft. Jennifer Lopez — ‘Stressin’ VIDEO

Fat Joe ft. Jennifer Lopez — ‘Stressin’ VIDEO

jennifer lopez stressin

jennifer lopez stressinJennifer Lopez has unveiled her latest featured project on Fat Joe’s newest single ‘Stressin’.

The two, who last collaborated together in 2005 with ‘Hold You Down’, are at it again, and their new duet definitely doesn’t compare to their last.

‘Stressin’ is much more up-tempo as J-Lo is heard saying: “We can buy them way more bottles than them other sections.”

Lopez boasts about splashing thousand dollar tips and popping bottles in the chorus.


Should it seem weird for a woman her age to still be popping bottles and going clubbing? It’s a constant debate with Jennifer Lopez who clearly doesn’t act her age — hence the ‘Booty’ video — but she looks great in the video even though the song is sorta mediocre-ish.

The only thing Jennifer is stressin’ about is her music career which is gradually fading. These songs aren’t cutting it.

See their video below.



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