GQ USA Blast Kim Kardashian ‘Woman of the Year’ Cover — Read What Was Said!

kim kardashian nudeGQ USA is strongly against the decision their UK version of the mag made when they chose to name Kim KardashianWoman of the Year’, following by a bunch of nude photos for their magazine cover.

The people in charge of the social media page for the USA mag made it known that they weren’t happy after dozens of fans complained to them on the appalling decision to have a 33-year-old reality star grace the cover of their men’s magazine.

“Good morning, citizens of the UK. We’re still GQ US, and we still gave no awards. Congratulations on the new royal baby, though.” someone over at GQ USA wrote, subliminally shading Kim by stating that they’ve never given out any silly awards.

They then retweeted and responded to the following message: “GQ names Kim Kardashian woman of the year! sMH GQ=Goodbye Quality.” Their response was: “It’s Gentlemen’s Quarterly. And, wrong GQ,” pointing out that the USA version wouldn’t have allowed Kim to grace any cover of theirs, nor even consider giving her any kind of award.

People are still fuming over the fact that Kim has profited highly off of her well-known sex tape. She’s a successful businesswoman in her own right; movies, TV shows, clothing lins, perfumes, etc. And everything she’s doing is all doing well.

Gotta give credit where it’s due, but that still doesn’t make her worthy of being called ‘Woman of the Year’. What exactly does that even mean? That she’s better than every other woman in Hollywood for the year of 2014?

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