Robin Thicke: Cops Called to House Over Hard Partying

Robin Thicke: Cops Called to House Over Hard Partying


robin thicke partyingForget Paula, Robin Thicke is living it up and loving the single life. Unfortunately for the “Blurred Lines” artist, he may be living it up too much.

After a hard night of partying Monday night, LAPD made an appearance to the singer’s Hollywood home after neighbors complained of loud music.

According to TMZ, police showed up to the 37-year-old’s home, asking the infamous performer to turn his music down. Thicke, who appeared to be drunk during his interaction with the police, gladly complied with officers.

It didn’t take long however for Thicke to get the party going once again. The artist allegedly “cranked up” the volume as soon as the officers walked away.

Due to Robin’s “total disregard” for the police, the cops came again once more and wrote the singer down for his loud music. A source close to Thicke revealed that the singer apologized to police for his bad behavior.

TMZ reported that this is the 2nd time within this past week that Robin Thicke has had police come to his door for noise disturbance.

We understand Thicke is enjoying the single life without his estranged wife, Paula Patton, but the inconsiderate musician needs to turn it down a notch, literally.

Only time will tell if Thicke will keep his end of the deal and finally allow his neighbors some peace and quite they wholeheartedly deserve.



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