Joseline Hernandez Fired from ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Over Cocaine Use During Reunion Brawl?

joseline hernandez fight reunion

joseline hernandez fight reunion

Joseline Hernandez’s outrageous behaviour on the recent episode of ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ has producers fearing they’ll have to axe her for good.

If you watched Monday night’s episode, you’re aware of the crazy brawl that broke out between Joseline and literally the entire cast after a joke about her alleged cocaine addiction was made by Benzino and Hoe-thea. I mean, Althea.

The former stripper and her beau, Stevie J, were snatching wigs and throwing punches from left to right, leaving the cast no choice but to file a police report against the couple.

Sources for the show have confirmed that the couple’s behaviour was so bizarre that cops arrived on set to try and calm the situation — Joseline and Stevie were removed from the building and are reportedly having talks with producers who are planning to ditch her and Stevie from the show.

“Joseline has become a liability for LHHA and the producers. The reunion brawl wasn’t your typical reality show fight, there were police reports and now lawyers involved,” an insider shared.

“Joseline may be good for ratings, but the powers that be don’t think it is worth it to keep such a violent and unpredictable character on the show. Joseline’s drug problems have made it nearly impossible to manage her.”

It’s the right move to do. Ever since Joseline’s alleged cocaine addiction story came out, she’s been acting a little funny — almost as if she doesn’t care that people know. The video below, was reportedly one of the video footages taken when Joseline had taken certain substances.

If she’s fighting like crazy on reunions, producers fear that she’ll be hard to work with when they start shooting season 4 next year. It’s a risk they are not bound to take because the consistent police reports would see the show face an axe in itself if certain characters are not removed.

Time will tell.

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