Justin Bieber To Release Joint Duet Album with Cody Simpson!

Justin Bieber To Release Joint Duet Album with Cody Simpson!

justin bieber album cody simpson

justin bieber album cody simpsonJustin Bieber is planning to unveil his forthcoming project later this year — a duet album featuring his newly-found best pal, Cody Simpson.

According to new reports, Justin and Cody have been working on this record for the last year or so. They’ve been spotted at recording studios in Miami, and at the time we thought they were working on separate things, but it turns out it’s a joint project.

There’s no official date on when they plan on releasing the album, but it’ll definitely be this year. Insiders for Justin’s camp state that Bieber is eyeing the month of November, which is considered the “less busier times” when artists unveil their own albums.

When Justin and Cody’s recording studio sessions clashed a few months back, Justin was really impressed to see how well Simpson was able to play guitar. Cody was quick to come to the idea of having some of his instrumental work feature on Justin’s songs, and before you know it — the two decided to make a joint album.

After all, seeing that both artists are high in demand right now, the album will definitely be good for music in general following the disastrous releases that have happened in the last six months.

From Mariah Carey to Trey Songz and Jennifer Lopez — all three artists have sold records that’ve suffered in the record sales department. Merely Mariah who was only able to shift 58,000 copies in her first week.

Cody and Justin together is going to be a big hit with the younger demographic of fans. And from what we’re hearing, should the album do well, the two of them will end up going on a world tour together and cash in that money!



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