Five Seconds Of Summer’s Calum Hood Admits to Leaked Nude Photos

calum hood nude picsIt was just last week that Five Seconds of Summer became a household name after making an appearance on MTV’s Video Music Awards.

This week however, one particular member of the band has made him self very popular after leaked photos of the 18-year-old were posted all over the Internet, something that would make any young fan blush.

Sources have reported that Calum Hood sent nude videos of his genitalia to an individual on SnapChat.

Screen caps of the video were placed on Vine, giving users a glimpse of the very naked bassist player.

According to Just Jared Jr., the naked individual’s face was not shown within the video. It didn’t take long however for Calum Hood to fess up, admitting on Twitter that he was the man behind the video.

The famous teen sensation uploaded a tweet Thursday night.

“Least ya know what it looks like now,” the singer stated.

“I’m still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes :)”


Whatever you say Calum.

For the sake of the band’s young fans, lets hope Calum and the rest of the Five Seconds of Summer members stay clear from sending any more nudes.

Calum wouldn’t be the first teen star however to get in a little trouble.

Disney’s Dylan Sprouse and Vanessa Hudgens are famously known for showing the goods, leaving traces of their photos to be found through out the Internet.

This sure is living proof that celebs should steer clear from sending any nudes; they just might end up on the screens of internet users around the world.

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