Lindsay Lohan Tipped for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ — Joining the Show?

Lindsay Lohan Tipped for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ — Joining the Show?

lindsay lohan partying

lindsay lohan partyingIs Lindsay Lohan coming to Dancing With the Stars? According to new reports, LaLohan is in serious talks in joining the forthcoming series, having supposedly shown interest in trying her luck with the Samba dance.

Here’s the thing. Many celebs have already been signed on for the next season — but we should use the word “celebs” loosely because these are all reality stars and athletes. Better yet, these are the least known people in their field.

Think of it as them scooping Khloe when they could’ve gotten Kim. 

A source reports: “They are still scrambling before the weekend to sign a big name that they are in negotiations with. If it goes through, the name rhymes with ‘Zohan.’”

Lohan is said to have been a big fan of the show for years, and what’s even more interesting is that should she sign on to do the show, her salary would be higher than any other “celeb” for that particular series.

Her deal could see her get anything from $150,000 to $250,000, making her one of the highest paid guest stars to appear on the show. But time and time again it has been proven that Lindsay can not draw ratings — peep her flop reality show and her flop Liz Taylor movie. God, the acting was horrible in that movie.

Whatever the case may be, we certainly don’t hate on someone who is stacking those coins. So, sure — why not go for it and make it happen. Sources say that producers want Lindsay on the show, and will give her a great deal. The longer she stays, the more money she’ll get.

So it’s sorta like a win-win situation, if she stays on she gets more money and the show will have at least one person that they can call a credible celeb, because if you haven’t seen the line-up for next season’s program, you’ll ask yourself…



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