Jennifer Aniston Sports Pregnancy Bump As Brad Pitt Marries Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston Sports Pregnancy Bump As Brad Pitt Marries Angelina Jolie

life of crime jennifer aniston pregnant

life of crime jennifer aniston pregnantJennifer Aniston is pregnant!

No — she really isn’t but new sources are saying so, so why not run with their bogus story. HollywoodLife is gushing about Jennifer’s alleged baby bump that she sported for the red carpet of that new movie of hers. What’s it called again? Ah yes — Life of Crime.

While analysts are already predicting the movie’s flop, what’s unpredictable is whether or not Jennifer is actually carrying a baby, seeing that the press seem to be obsessed with knowing wether she’s finally going to be a mom.

I shouldn’t have used the word ‘finally,’ because not all women want kids. And that’s sorta what Jennifer recently admitted in her interview with TODAY, where she said that she’s already given birth to many other things other than a child.

I most certainly hope she’s not referring to birthing a successful movie. Haha.

Nevertheless, with the news out that Brad and Maleficent, I mean Angelina Jolie, have married, the rumours on Jennifer being jealous and how she’s suddenly pregnant now is what everyone is talking about.

Peep the photo above and see for yourself. Do you think she’s pregnant? It looks like she just had a big burrito and it hadn’t digested in her stomach yet — that’s all. No pregnancy bump there, if you ask us.

Sidenote: We refuse to cover tabloid magazines this upcoming Wednesday for the fact that we already know Jennifer Aniston’s supposed pregnancy is the only thing the mags will be talking about following Brad’s wedding.

Bogus nonsense! Jennifer will NEVER have children.

Further sidenote: I think we stopped covering tabloids on Jennifer when one sleazy mag said Angelina had sex with Brad in Jennifer’s favorite hotel room. I couldn’t breath for days… due to laughter, of course.



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