Big Sean Congratulates Girlfriend, Ariana Grande, on ‘My Everything’ Success

Big Sean Congratulates Girlfriend, Ariana Grande, on ‘My Everything’ Success


big sean ariana grande datingBig Sean showed some love to his new girlfriend, Ariana Grande, this week following the success of the singer’s latest album ‘My Everything’ which went straight to iTunes number 1 in 80 countries.

The record, which is pretty good seeing that we’ve given it a listen ourselves, has a track titled ‘Best Mistake’ featuring Big Sean on it too, so there’s an understanding for another reason why Sean would be happy to see the album do so well.

As we already know, Ariana and Sean were holding hands at this year’s Video Music Awards when cameras showed footage from backstage, pretty much confirming that the two were a couple.

So it kinda times well with what Sean had to say about Ariana on Instagram: “Ari’s #1 in 80 countries! So great when good things happen to good people. I’m more than proud of you @arianagrande n grateful to be apart of it!”

It’s unclear how long these two have been dating, but some outlets say their romance is still very fresh — they’re very much loved up with one another but nobody actually knows if the relationship is serious or just a publicity stunt.

And we say this because Ariana has been jumping back and forth with Jai Brooks these past couple of years. And then there was that short-lived relationship with Nathan Sykes, and now Big Sean.

Damn gurl, slow down.


  1. Is this ditzoid really dumb enough to believe Big Sean cares about her in any real way beyond being seen with her for a brief period? Oh well, let’s see who’s going to be dumb enough to come on here and annoint these two the “perfect couple” in a blast of naivety and mindlessness.


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