Floyd Mayweather Can’t Read, But He Can Count His Money… $72,276,000.00 To...

Floyd Mayweather Can’t Read, But He Can Count His Money… $72,276,000.00 To Be Exact!


floyd mayweather readingAfter former pal 50 Cent and POWER105.1’s Breakfast Club clowned Floyd Mayweather for the fact that he can’t read well, the boxing legend has finally responded to the joke that has been his literacy skills.

As pathetic as it is to make fun of somebody’s reading, Floyd had the last laugh when he uploaded a photo of his paycheque that ended with quite a lot of zeros — $72,276,000.00 to be exact.

“Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless,” Floyd captioned the photo, clearly having found some kind of humor from the attention he’s been getting this past week.

In Mayweather’s case, he can afford to not have the basic skills most adults would need to gain themselves a respectable job, but that’s purely down to the fact that his boxing career took off at an  early age when the money was already rolling in.

Sure, he could’ve always gone back to school, but the chances of someone going back to study when they’re already making seven figure paycheques is very, very unlikely.

In conclusion, it’s pretty sad that we pull people down for our enjoyment. Making fun of someone’s literacy skills isn’t entertainment, it’s rather disgusting, so I’m siding with Floyd on this one — even though the paycheque thing was kind of corny, he proved his point.

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