Mischa Barton Gets Sued For Skipping Out On The Movie “Promoted”

Mischa Barton Gets Sued For Skipping Out On The Movie “Promoted”

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Producers of the film Promoted have reportedly sued the O.C’s very own Mischa Barton.

According to reports, a lawsuit has been filed against the actress for failing to complete the film due to excessive partying in Europe.

The film’s producers claim that thousands of dollars were lost due to Mischa being unavailable for the beginning of production in March.

Reports have stated that the producers attempted in calling the 28-year-old about the sizing of her costumes and the start date in which filming was to begin.

Unfortunately for the movie producers, Mischa was nowhere to be found, never picking up nor answering the numerous calls.

Not until March 3rd did the movie company receive a response in email from Mischa’s mother.

Within the email it was stated that the actress “is still in Europe and wont be available until the 20th of this month.”

As TMZ reported, the producers grew suspicious and ‘furious’ with the actress, deciding to check up on Mischa through her social media accounts.

To their astonishment, the producers found the actress to be living it up in Europe, partying and “enjoying tourist excursions with friends.”

According to reports, due to Mischa’s absence from the film, the lead actor would not cooperate in working with another actress on set, thus causing a domino effect to ensue.

As expected, this didn’t sit well with those involved within the film.

TMZ revealed that Mischa Barton is being sued for the “$20,000 advance she got, $200,000 in marketing expenses, and $100,000 which they say they will lose because Mischa’s not attached anymore.”

Lets hope the actress gets her act together soon.

She apparently is not doing well financially and is set to loose her $7.1 million Beverly Hills estate if she doesn’t come up with $100,000 in mortgage payments.



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