Taylor Swift Dissing Kendall Jenner on ‘Shake it Off’ Track; Harry Styles...

Taylor Swift Dissing Kendall Jenner on ‘Shake it Off’ Track; Harry Styles at Fault?


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Taylor Swift is reportedly dissing Kendall Jenner in her latest song ‘Shake it Off’ which has left fans buzzing on whether Taylor is still attached to the One Direction band member.

The lyrics are said to be very revealing when it comes to Taylor’s love life. HollywoodLife makes it known that the line ‘My ex man brought his new girlfriend / She’s like, Oh my God, I’m just gonna shake,’ must be aimed at Kendall.

Huh? For all we know Taylor could be basing her points off of all the Hollywood men she’s dated, including Cory Monteith, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Joe Jonas. In fact, how do we know this isn’t about Leah Michele?

Sources do state though that Taylor was fuming when she found out Kendall was seeing her ex-boyfriend just weeks after they had split. They were secretly hooking up before going public at the end of last year.

Kendall and Harry have since split up, but we’re hearing that ‘Shake it Off’ was penned right around the time Harry’s romance to Jenner just started to get serious.

Though, to use the word ‘diss’ seems a little over exaggerated when looking at the lyrics — yes, Kendall may have been mentioned subliminally, but there’s no actual diss towards the reality star. Unless shaking it off is an offensive term we’ve never come across. Haha.



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