T.I Gets Hit With A $100,000 Lawsuit for “Stealing” Concert Equipment

T.I Gets Hit With A $100,000 Lawsuit for “Stealing” Concert Equipment


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Poor T.I can’t catch a break. Rapper T.I apparently has been hit with a lawsuit for never returning back rented equipment from his America’s Most Wanted Tour last year.

According to numerous sources,  the 33-year-old artist did not return an item called a roll drop after one of his big concerts.

A roll drop is a large device in which video and photos can be displayed on the screen.  Apparently the device isn’t cheap, costing about $50,000.

TMZ has reported that the company, which handles the rental equipment, isn’t just asking for the $50,000. Based on the lawsuit, the rental establishment is asking for double the amount.

The company has claimed to have lost a large portion of its revenue due to the missing roll drop, asking T.I to pay double the cost of the device in order to make up for the amount of money that could have been made thru renting to other big time performers.

T.I and his group have yet to make a statement about the apparent lawsuit.

The “stolen” equipment as well has yet to been returned.

This wouldn’t be the first drama T.I has been involved with.

The well known rapper has served time for probation laws and as well spent 11 months in prison for allegedly buying machine guns, Daily Mail reported.

For T.I’s sake, lets hope the equipment gets retuned soon!



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