Skating Legend Jay Adams Dies at the age of 53

jay adams deadLegendary skater, Jay Adams passed away Thursday at the age of 53.

Reports have indicated that the man behind the group, Z-Boys, died from a massive heart attack while vacationing in Mexico.

Both Adams and his wife had been in Mexico for three months, enjoying a long surfing holiday.

It was the first after many years that Adams had been allowed to leave the country due to previous run-ins with the law, many regarding to his prolonged drug use.

Born February 3, 1961 in Santa Monica, California, Jay Adams rose to fame after founding Z-Boys, a group that consisted of young surfers turned skaters.

The group, which began in the 1970s, became known for transforming the skating world, influencing many of the aerial tricks seen today.

Jay Adams eventually became a household name after the film Lords of Dogtown premiered in 2005, in which actor Emile Hirsch played the bleach-blond skater.

Many have been taken aback of the loss of Adams, posting their condolences and memories of the fearless legend on social media.

“We lost a true wild man with the passing of Jayboy.  Jay Adams was a legend who will be missed,” actor Emile Hirsch wrote on Twitter.

“Goodbye Jay Adams. Thank you for inspiring us to get vertical and to keep pushing the limits of what is possible,” pro skater, Tony Hawk stated.

X Games skater Andy MacDonald left it simple, stating “Jay Adams. Respect.”

While Adams had a history of drug abuse, it was reported that the skater had been sober for months and did not have a history of heart problems.

Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones.

Adams leaves behind two children from a previous marriage and his wife, Tracy.

Written by Merema Leures

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