Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Feud Escalates — Kim Still Mad Beyonce Boycotted Her Wedding

kim kardashian beyonce feud fight

kim kardashian beyonce feud fight

Kim Kardashian is still fuming over the fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to bail on her wedding to Kanye West back in May, having hinted at her annoyance during a recent taping of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’.

The 33-year-old who made it known that certain guests decided not to show up, immediately had everyone knowing who she was referring to. 

inTouch now goes on to confirm that Bey and Jay were the ones Kim was talking about when expressing her feelings to those who didn’t show up despite being invited to the wedding in Italy.

“Kim didn’t spell out who that somebody was — she didn’t have to. The only major eleventh-hour cancellation was Beyoncé and Jay Z,” the magazine shared.

Kim is reportedly furious because Beyonce has yet to apologize for deciding to spend her time in the Hamptons on this particular weekend as opposed to attending Kim and Kanye’s wedding.

“Kim thinks Beyoncé’s a fake, and that the real Beyoncé is nothing like the one the public knows, and now that Jay and Beyoncé’s image is under fire because of their marriage troubles… Kim doesn’t think she has to tiptoe around her rival anymore.”

“Not showing up for the wedding was a total slap in the face. And now Kim’s not afraid to call her out on it.”

Erm, the wedding was two months ago — and one shouldn’t forget that Beyonce had only finished her tour a month before, so she was probably knackered and not in the mood to fly out to Italy to attend a wedding filled with Kardashians who would’ve been eager to pose for selfies with her.

Beyonce congratulated Kim and Kanye following their wedding. That should be enough!

Written by Merema Leures

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