Kim Kardashian Announces Her Decision To Release A Selfie Book

Kim Kardashian Announces Her Decision To Release A Selfie Book


kim kardashian selfie bookYou got to be kidding me!

Reality star, Kim Kardashian has announced that she will be releasing her own book, and not just any book for that matter.

The 33-year-old mom is set to unveil a 352-page hardcover book filled with selfies, called Selfish.

It is set to release April of 2015 and will only cost a mere $19.95.

Known for her love of selfies, Kim appeared on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where she revealed to TV viewers that she was going to make a Valentines Day gift for her hubby, Kanye West.

The gift would contain a variety of sexy photos of Kim, displayed in different positions, and be made into a lavish Polaroid photo book.

Apparently the self-absorbed reality star believed that her gift was so good and so well made that it had to be shared to the world.

“So I had Stephanie [assistant] get a Polaroid and we were taking photos around the entire house … making this cool book and it ended up turning out so cool we came up with this idea to do a selfie book so I’m going to make some super racy,” Kim stated.

She continued, revealing her reasons for the decision to publish steamy photos of herself for all to see.

“I mean every girl takes full pictures of their a** in the mirror…I might share some of them.”

Guess anyone and anything can be published nowadays.

Who knows, Kim Kardashian already has her own video game, all she needs is the title “Author” under her belt.



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