New Beginning: Mariah Carey Divorcing Nick Cannon After Firing Manager, Jermaine Dupri

New Beginning: Mariah Carey Divorcing Nick Cannon After Firing Manager, Jermaine Dupri

mariah carey nick cannon divorce red carpet

nick cannon mariah carey divorceMariah Carey is cleaning out her closet. From her longtime partner in crime, Jermaine Dupri, to her husband Nick Cannon.

Following her disastrous album release in May, Carey has fired Jermaine as her manager as sales for the album Me. I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse came in at 60,000 copies in first-week sales.

Mariah has also reportedly made it known that her relationship drama with Nick is worsening. The two are hardly around each other to the point where she doesn’t even understand the point of the marriage anymore.

Carey is a fighter when it comes to her relationships, but with six years behind her belt as a married woman to Nick, the singer is reportedly planning to move forward without the ‘America’s Got Talent’ host.

mariah carey nick cannon divorce red carpet

“She wants a new beginning musically and in her private life,” a source shared. “Nick has been absent a lot in the last few weeks — notably because of his hectic work schedule, but Mariah feels like he’s distancing himself as a choice, not because he’s forced to leave.”

Mariah hardly promoted that album of hers in May because she wanted to spend more time with her kids and Nick, but Nick was never at home, spending most of his time in California while Mariah was enjoying the cold in New York.

The same home she has been staying at for the last few years has also been put on sale. The 44-year-old has put the multi-million dollar house on the market amid rumours her marriage is crumbling.

mariah carey nick cannon divorce

And unlike Jay-Z and Beyonce, we can actually see the cracks in Mariah’s marriage. Nick and Mariah have not been seen in public since February. The ‘Fantasy’ starlet did post photos of her and Nick on her Instagram but only God knows how old they may be.

She also famously posted old photos of herself from the 90s and acted as if they were new to fool fans that she looked that great. No shade. No! Seriously no shade, but who does that? Mariah stills looks great, but stop fooling us.

But, Mariah isn’t stupid either. If she knows that getting rid of those she doesn’t need anymore will make her happy, she’ll do that. Jermaine’s riddance was definitely a good move. Probably one of the most talented producers and one of the most talented managers to make you flop harder than a Ciara album.



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