Eminem Accused of Lip-Synching Once Again During ‘The Monster’ Tour

Eminem Accused of Lip-Synching Once Again During ‘The Monster’ Tour


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Don’t expect too much at your next Eminem performance, apparently the rapper lip-synchs more than he raps according to one concertgoer.

An attendee at Eminem and Rihanna’s Rose bowl concert revealed to Perez Hilton that the duo depended way more on their track than their actual singing voices.

“Sure, he let the backing track do the vast, vast majority of the heavy lifting last night. He was only actually, audibly rapping on a handful of songs, including slower ones like ‘Stan.’ His lip-synching was especially obvious because he’s so animated, constantly gesticulating in a way that pulls the mic away from his mouth, mid-lyric.”

The source continued, stating that although Rihanna as well lip-synched throughout her performance, she did however showcase her voice and had some real moments.

“[S]he was actually singing on that one, and in general you could hear her live voice much more often than his”

This wouldn’t be the first time Eminem was rumored to be lip-synching.

The 41-year-old artist was caught in a scandal after rumors circulated that the rapper lip-synched during his 2013 SNL performance in November.

According to TMZ Eminem’s not so real performance was very noticeable.

The site claims that the artist’s track could be overheard playing, regardless of the rapper’s usage of the mic.

Accusations were quickly dismissed by Eminem’s reps when news of his lip-synching skills got out of hand. Reps of the artist stated that while Eminem was rapping over a vocal track, he only does it sporadically.

“He just likes this sound and if you listen to his albums they are done the same way,” a rep informed TMZ.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s justifiable cause for the rappers actions.

Lets just hope next time the rapper will give his audience the live performance they deserve.



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