Big Sean, Ariana Grande Dating: Spotted on Date Night in Florida —...

Big Sean, Ariana Grande Dating: Spotted on Date Night in Florida — PHOTO

big sean ariana grande

big sean ariana grande

Well, Big Sean really didn’t waste time moving on to his new girlfriend — Ariana Grande.

According to credible sources, Ariana Grande and Big Sean are dating after having been spotted on a date in Florida a week ago. Not only that but the two have been sharing photos of each other’s belongings on Instagram.

Sean, who is signed to Kanye West’s record label, posted a photo of himself hugging Ariana’s dog while another recent photo showed Ariana and Sean holding hands as they entered a building in Florida.

big sean instagram

One source stated: “Ariana really likes Sean. He’s been a really good friend to her — they’ve worked on dozens of songs together and all this time together has led to them finally forming a relationship.”

Am I surprised? No. I think these two make a great couple. Sean seems like a good guy, despite having dumped Naya Rivera. But of course there were reasons for their split. Rumor was it that she cheated on him with her newlywed husband.

I’m not too sure about Ariana, because in the last two years she’s had two boyfriend. Jai Brooks and that fella from The Wanted. Why didn’t these relationships work out? Though I think these make a good couple, I’m doubting chances they’ll be able to make this romance work.

Let’s see.

big sean ariana grande photo kiss



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