B. Simone Cast as Aaliyah for SECOND Biopic Set to Debut on...

B. Simone Cast as Aaliyah for SECOND Biopic Set to Debut on The Big Screen!

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Gurl. Two movies?

It’s been confirmed that a second Aaliyah movie is in the works, but this one won’t be airing on television — it’s slated to be a full-on movie on the big screen.

With no knowledge of which production company is backing the project, we’ve already learned some of the actors who’ll star in the film that’s planned to hit theatres in 2015.

B. Simone has been cast as Aaliyah — her resemblance to the singer is undeniable but can she act though? Simone isn’t a household name, she just carries significant resemblance to Aaliyah but seeing that she was cast for the movie, I have every reason to believe she’ll do a good job.

Zane, famous for his ‘Sex Chronicles’ series, has signed on to direct the film which is expected to go in production in the following weeks, right around the time that Lifetime expects to start work on their own Aaliyah biopic which is being produced by Wendy Williams.

Terrence Howard and Wood Harris have been in talks to play the role of R. Kelly — Aaliyah’s infamous (and alleged) husband who played a significant role in her life prior to her death in the Bahamas back in 2001.

I’m still excited for the movies to come out. I already know that Wendy’s version will be much messier because she’s going after the scandals as opposed to leaving certain things where they ended. But it is what it is. At least this will give fans the chance to compare the two.

See a photo of B. Simone above.



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