Zayn Malik Blasted for “Free Palestine” Tweet — Fans Send Death Threats!

zayn malik palestine

zayn malik palestineFans of One Direction are fuming over Zayn Malik‘s “Free Palestine” tweet.

The singer posted the message over the weekend. It currently has over 200,000 retweets, but the hateful messages that came with it are seriously outrageous.

One unhappy Twitter user wrote that Malik should “kill himself” for supporting Palestine, while another user expressed his frustration questioning the 1D member why he’s still alive.

A lot of celebs who have shown support for Palestine have been getting a lot of hate not just from people, but also their fans. Rihanna recently showed support for Palestine and the backlash was so overwhelming that she instantly deleted the tweet, insisting that she “accidentally” tweeted the message out without even knowing it.


Zayn isn’t offended by the hurtful comments though. How do we know this? Well, he kept the tweet on his page so that his millions of followers know he’s not backing down from something he feels passionate about.

The Israel/Palestine feud has really crossed over in terms of how it has affected other countries. Many people are livid that people are siding with Palestine when it has been proven that both parties are at war — it’s not a one-sided fight, but of course that’s never shown on television.

Whatever the case may be, it seems like Zayn is just showing his support for Palestine in terms of how tragic it is — innocent children dying, families being split up, and so much more.

Is Zayn at fault for showing sympathy for Palestine?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. twanatells

    July 29, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    People should really start thinking before they tweet anything about the Palestine death smh

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