Justin Theroux Reveals Former Circus Employment on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ — VIDEO

Justin Theroux Reveals Former Circus Employment on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ — VIDEO


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Who would of known?

During an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Justin Theroux revealed that he was carnie; better yet, a snow cone maker at a circus.

When asked whether the 42-year-old actor, who is starring on the movie The Leftovers, ever felt his life was like a circus due to media scrutiny, the sexy actor stated that he is in fact used to it.

“Well it’s not [that much]. I’ve worked a circus,” Justin said. “I had a job at the Ringling Bros. circus. I actually did. I made sno-cones. Not only did I work for Ringling Bros. I worked for Ringling Bros. in Tokyo, Japan.”

Although a rather odd job, Justin specified his reasoning for taking up the job. According to the actor, he took up the job as a snow cone maker in order to save some money for college.

“I went there to make some money for college as a summer job or whatever. It makes no sense. Great career move. I went to Japan with a friend of mine who is Japanese and I was going to live there for the summer, hopefully find some work. The circus was in town… you know how this story ends.”

Guess we all have to start somewhere. At least Justin Theroux had the opportunity to be a part of something different, rather than doing what any other young adult has done.



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