Zac Efron Broke: Dating Michelle Rodriguez For Money — REPORT

Zac Efron Broke: Dating Michelle Rodriguez For Money — REPORT


zac efron broke michelle rodriguezZac Efron is broke and supposedly only has interest in Michelle Rodriguez — his current girlfriend — because she’s loaded with money.

Ridiculous right? 

Well, not according to Star magazine who report that Zac’s $18 million fortune is all gone. He has spent all of his cash because of his bad spending habits, so now he’s looking for a come-up and the only way he knows how is by dating Michelle.

Zac has “partied through the bulk of his estimated $18 million fortune,” an insider shared. “Zac has been pretty broke while waiting for his share of the profits from Neighbors to come through.”

Well, that alleged drug addiction problem the actor had a while ago doesn’t exactly come cheap, does it? When you are an addict, you spend thousands and thousands on the best stuff you can get your hands on.

But let’s drop that story and figure out why Zac is now dating rich women to get himself back on track. The source adds: “Michelle thinks Zac will pay her back as soon as his paycheck comes in, but everyone is convinced that he’ll drop her before then. He’s just living the luxurious life with her while he can.”

So in other words, Zac is living paycheck to paycheck and has supposedly tricked Michelle into thinking the money she’s spending on him is a guarantee to land back in her account once his money from that movie of his comes through.



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