Ellen Degeneres Having Baby with Portia de Rossi to Save Marriage

Ellen Degeneres Having Baby with Portia de Rossi to Save Marriage

portia de rossi ellen degeneres divorce

portia de rossi ellen degeneres divorceThe tabloids won’t given Ellen Degeneres a break when it comes to this supposed divorce process she’s going through with Portia de Rossi.

Ellen and Portia have pretty much been through it all: alcohol problems, divorce filings, pregnancies, fights, arguments, cheating and now it’s believed that the two are thinking about having a baby. Let’s clarify that this is all alleged by a reckless mag named inTouch.

The tabloid, which is known to lie about everything they write, are now coming up with a new story on how to profit off of this couple. Now we’re hearing that Ellen is desperate to keep her marriage alive — she’s tried everything from counseling to talking to Portia.

But the main reason why Portia and Ellen have been having problems to start with is down to the “fact” that Ellen has been having a wondering eye on other women which has really bothered Portia.

In fact, some reckless sources even said that Ellen may have cheated. Regardless of what the “sources” are saying, Ellen feels bad that Portia doesn’t see the romance lasting any longer than another couple of weeks when she hopes to have gone through with the divorce.

The talk-show host is now thinking on having a baby with de Rossi through a surrogate because Ellen knows how much her partner wants a child, so giving her what she wants could instantly shut her up for eighteen years — long enough for Ellen to enjoy this marriage she’s in.

“Ellen never wanted children,” a pal told the mag: “but she is going along with it because she’s desperate. Portia made a video montage of Ellen with the kids she’s interviewed over the years. It really choked Ellen up. Portia hugged her, whispering, ‘You’d be the best mother ever.”

Wow — this must be one hell of a friend to be sharing insight personal stories about the couple to the tabloids. Interesting.

Either way, inTouch has written many false stories in the past. They’ve been predicting Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy since 2006 and she’s yet to give birth, unless she’s an alien maybe?



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