Louis Tomlinson’s Plan To Takeover Doncaster Rovers Failed

Louis Tomlinson’s Plan To Takeover Doncaster Rovers Failed


louis tomlinsonIf there is anything to make Louis Tomlinson emotional it’s British football. Recently Louis and business partner, John Ryan, announced they were interested in buying the Doncaster Rovers soccer club.

Unfortunately for Louis, the deal did not go through. It is unknown why the deal was unapproved. It is either due to not enough money or a lack of football league approval.

The One Direction singer expressed his emotions on twitter today. In six separate tweets Louis said, “I’m absolutely gutted the Doncaster Rovers deal is not going ahead. I am desperate for the club to be given the recognition it deserves :(“

“I was explicitly told that the deal to buy the club was not dependent on the money raised by Crowdfunding. Unfortunately I was misled.”

“My passion for Doncaster Rovers remains as strong as ever, and I hope that I can still be involved with the club moving forward!”

“And to all the Doncaster Rovers fans, I will do all in my power to help the club succeed. I really do love the club!”

Louis ended his rant with “#roverstillidie” and “:(“.



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