One Direction’s Harry Styles: Father of Newborn Baby Girl? (PHOTO)

One Direction’s Harry Styles: Father of Newborn Baby Girl? (PHOTO)


harry styles father childHarry Styles is a father to a baby girl, a reckless magazine called NW is stating in their latest issue.

The tabloid, which fails to date when the baby was conceived, stresses that new “exclusive” photos have surfaced of Harry showing off his baby daughter to his pals.

While the headline screams, “Harry A Dad At 20” the story is far from accurate seeing that the baby in the photo that the magazine published is actually the child of his best friend who also happens to be his hairstylist.

We did some digging, and the baby’s name is Lux — daughter of Harry’s hairstylist Lou Teasdale and her partner Tom. And more importantly, the snapshot was taken over a year ago while the trio were on vacation in Barcelona.

Of course the magazine would’ve probably gone on to say something stupid like ‘Harry is leaving One Direction to become a better father to his newborn child,’ but we can officially debunk the story since it’s absolutely false.

As far as we know Harry has no kids — and the photo of the baby he is holding on the tabloid’s cover is inaccurate.



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