Mike “The Situation” Sued By Lawyer — Owes $29,000 in Legal Fees!

Mike “The Situation” Sued By Lawyer — Owes $29,000 in Legal Fees!


the situation arrestedYou know you are in trouble when your lawyer is suing you. This is exactly the ‘situation’ Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino has gotten himself into.

TMZ has reported that “Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and his brother Marc Sorrentino owe long-time attorney Richard Wolfe $29,000 in legal fees from 2009-2013.

The brothers have made several attempts to pay, but this includes bounced and canceled checks. Mike and Marc have begun paying off their bill giving Wolfe $10,000, but this is not stopping Wolfe from expecting even more money from damages of the faulty checks.

Mike must be an expert at making bounced checks. The employees of his tanning salon in New Jersey have accused him of bouncing their paychecks. This happened last month,which also happened to be the same month Mike was arrested for getting in a fight with his other brother.

Let’s hope that new reality show the Sorrentino recently landed themselves will help pay off some of these bills that the reality star needs to pay off.



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