Kanye West Inspects Kim Kardashian’s Body for Imperfections — Plastic Surgery Out of Control

kim kardashian plastic surgery

kanye west kim kardashian controlling

Kanye West inspects Kim Kardashian’s body once a week to check for any imperfections that may need fixing, it has been reported.

The rapper is supposedly behind Kim’s “new face” which includes fillers, face lifts and botox — it’s so frozen, she can barely frown. But according to sources, it’s all down to Kanye’s demanding behavior.

The reality star is reportedly following order that Kanye makes. He makes her strip nude so that he can check for anything that could do with some work — whether that may be another boob job, making the booty more plump or if there’s a scar on her body that doesn’t feel comfortable seeing.

“Between the high-end beauty products, Botox and fillers, Kim spends thousands of dollars a month on her appearance just to live up to Kanye’s unrealistic expectations,” a source tells OK! magazine.

“She even lets him inspect her body once a week for imperfections and immediately books an appointment with a plastic surgeon if he decides something needs to be fixed.”

kim kardashian plastic surgery

It’s been said for a long time that Kanye can be very controlling. If he’s going to tell his fans that his wife is his “perfect bitch” then he’s going to have to make sure she sustains that label as long as she does what she says. Hilarious, right?

“He’ll spend hours dressing her up like a mannequin, and it’s something she happily agrees to. She has no voice in their relationship and the fact that she allows Kanye to treat her like a puppet is creepy.”

The insider finished by adding, “”only concern is that Kim stays beautiful and that she keeps her monetary empire strong.” Kim is solely based on her looks. The butts, the boobs, the plastic surgery, the fillers in her lips — it’s all about how good she looks.

It’s her to decision what she does with her body but to have a controlling husband tell you what needs work and what doesn’t is quite sickening.



  1. KiaSoto

    July 10, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    wow what a way to point out her work, i knew her nose but dang what else

  2. Nicola Gossips

    July 11, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Kane doesn’t have healthy relationships with women. I don’t think Kim is naturally submissive, so this is puzzling.

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