Eva Mendes Pregnant: Traps Ryan Gosling With Baby in Hopes To Get...

Eva Mendes Pregnant: Traps Ryan Gosling With Baby in Hopes To Get Married

eva mendes pregnant ryan gosling

eva mendes pregnant ryan goslingEva Mendes is seven months pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby… but here’s the shocker — the twosome aren’t a couple anymore.

Having told you a couple of months back that Eva and Ryan broke up over differences that they couldn’t see eye-to-eye on, Mendes allegedly went back to her former fling while Gosling remained single.

What’s more interesting now though is the supposed “fact” that Eva is pregnant with child, and she’s saying it’s Ryan’s baby. The actress is seven months along and didn’t find out about the shocker until she moved out of the home she shared with Gosling.

The 40-year-old never wanted to end things with ‘The Notebook’ star but she knew that Ryan wasn’t into the relationship as much as he was when they first got together.

Sources for OK! magazine are giving the deets, saying that Ryan was truly shocked when Eva called him and explained him the situation. Not wanting to be like French Montana and become a deadbeat father to your child, Ryan has already stepped up to the game and has vowed to take care of Mendes and the child.

Now here’s the problem. Eva is looking at it like her opportunity to win Ryan back in the sense that the baby could trap him to get back with her forever. She’ll definitely push forward in her plan to get him back before SHE pops the question.

The mag continues to allege that Eva wants to marry Ryan and the baby is the best way to make that happen for her. Gosling is a really chill guy who’ll likely play along by trying to give Eva another chance, but it’s absurd to think that she could be that manipulative to use this “chance” in hopes to win someone back that doesn’t even love her no more.



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